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Life in the metropolis is always short of quality space and time. Most people’s resilience to these challenges are borne out sheer lack of opportunity and resources to live quality life. This is where Metrostar Realty Development laid the very reason for putting up functional residential projects like Centrina Eleganza Residences. To provide ample opportunity for every hardworking middle class men to own a space they can call home and to answer the challenge of having limited spaces for children to enjoy as they grow up.

The welcoming beauty of Centrina Eleganza Residences, from the entrance gate to your own residential unit is way beyond what others may call as homey. Sleeping safe and sound with your each night and waking up with abundant fresh air from your windows is enough to re-invigorate your spirit and keep your emotional battery fully charged to meet the days’ challenges. From the well maintained landscape to the parks where your children could enjoy, every single experience is priceless.

Metrostar fully understand the needs of the community thus the company invested in putting in facilities and equipments that are of extreme importance. For health conscious residents, our front lawn which is covered with fully manicured grasses is a perfect jogging and walking trails for your morning rituals. The open basketball court, located outdoor, is not just a place for young and giddy men to get healthy, this is also a nice place to make friends and mingle with other youth-spirited individuals who love sports. We offer the swimming pool for everyone to enjoy anytime of the day. This is a perfect unwinding venue for people who are too stressed from work. The pool is also a very nice bonding place for families, especially during weekends. We have a very clean and secure playground for the kids to enjoy, this will help save your weekends from too much travelling. There are gazebos that could protect your head from sunlight and rain, you can use them as you please with perfect opportunity to win friends within the community.

Centrina Eleganza Residences also takes pride in having the water feature and mini-ecological park within its grounds. This is a great place for kids to learn ecological awareness by appreciating cleanliness and orderliness in the environment.

One of the best features of Centrina is the insulated underground cabling of electrical wires and other cables (communication) to and from residential buildings. This is done to fully secure the place from any unnecessary cable or wire drop during turbulent weather conditions. This also adds to the orderliness in the entire community. Security wise, there is a centralized Closed Circuit Television camera that monitors the perimeter and the common areas. There is also a functional audio-video intercom to ensure that you see ahead who’s looking for you. And to maintain the cleanliness of the entire community, sanitation and waste disposal is centralized. Garbage disposal is a common problem that besets exclusives subdivision and villages in Metro Manila. That is not going to be same problem where because we want to take that off that load your shoulders from day 1. 

  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  • Kids' Playground
  • Gazebo
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Feature
  • Mini-park with a well-manicured landscape
  • Underground power and communication cables
  • Centralized CCTV
  • Audio-video Intercom
  • Centralized Sanitation and Waste Disposal System
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